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In 1866 Andrew Schinnerer, a German immigrant, bought this property from Union College professor and brewer Ferdinand De Wigne who had been making a strong lager here since just before the start of the Civil War. He renamed it Centre Street Brewery and took residence in a small house at the corner of Union and Centre Streets next to the brewery. In those days, Broadway was named Centre Street because it had been the geographic center of the city. 

   Centre Street Brewery flourished in its early years selling beer locally along the Erie Canal, but by the turn of the century, it was no longer in operation. Today all that is left of the original brewery structure are three large vaults that lie under the main bar area, which were once used to store huge casks of beer for the aging process. 

   One hundred and forty five years after Andrew Schinnerer opened his brewery, we made the commitment to convert the old Acme Press building into the Centre Street Public House and Beer Garden to once again have it serve the good people of Schenectady and beyond. 

Welcome, and enjoy!

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