Safe & Sound.

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Here we go again!

On December 10, NY Governor Kathy Hochul introduced legislation imposing certain requirements for public spaces, including any public place - retail, restaurant, gym, library etc. with two options: go "vaccination-only" or require everyone to be masked until at least January 15.

The legislation as written - has not been fully developed with guidance for restaurants - so we've all been left to implement a good-faith policy to help protect our folks.

So effective Dec 13, our policy is: When you're not eating or drinking, (read as 'Away from your table') please throw up your mask. You'll need a mask to enter, but we have some available if you forget.

Like last year, we've still got a lot of covid-era precautions implemented, including better ventilation, shields between seating, HEPA filtration and more.

We're still trying to read the room - and have been in communication with other restaurants in the area, and with our local health department to determine the best course of action, so we may need to revisit this policy later.

You're important to us, thanks for being cool about all this. We look forward to seeing you soon!