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You Come First

You Probably won't read all of this, but it'll likely answer your questions if you're curious.


In our region, We got the green-light to reopen our patio on Wednesday, June 3rd. After a mad rush to stock and staff up we welcomed our first guests in months on Friday, June 5th. (shout out to Unified Beerworks, Wolf Hollow, Remarkable Liquids and Decrecente for setting us up with a tap line-up of the stuff you love - literally overnight)

As we assemble a staff, gather products and setup after 2 months in moth balls, we're opening carefully to make sure that when you're here, you're safely getting the best food and drinks and exceptional service. We're adding Days and hours every week. (Thanks for your patience)

Covid-19 is still a part of our life, and there are state guidelines that every restaurant is given. WE TAKE THESE SERIOUSLY. We've carefully reviewed and applied these guidelines, because it's the right thing to do and we care about the safety of you and our staff. And we know, there are lots of feelings both ways about things like masks and distancing, (and after spending entire shifts in facemarks, we totally get it.) but we don't want the last 2 months to repeat themselves. We could pack the place out, forget safeguards and rake in money while putting everyone at risk, but that wouldn't be cool (or legal, or safe.) See the FAQ's for details.

But we've been busy the last few months, and we're making some exciting changes that you'll love.

  • Food: We're bringing back the dishes you love, and we're tuning our menu to be quick and satisfying. Certain days and for special opening hours, we feature a good but smaller 'Bar Menu' for when you just need a snack.

  • Beer: It's summer, and we've already added seasonal favorites to our line-up from the best brewers on the planet.

  • Service: Order at any bar, get your drinks immediately and a pager for your food. Pager goes off the second your food is done, and when you pick it up, you know that it hasn't been sitting under a heat lamp for 20 minutes.

  • Outdoor Bar: New frozen drinks and a meticulously planned selection of drafts that mean you don't have to hike for 'the good stuff' (regulars know what we mean)

  • Delivery: Many of you supported us through the shutdown by ordering food and drinks for pick-up and delivery. We'll keep the party goin.'

  • Events: As soon as we're able to hold private events, we're your one-stop shop. Large events like weddings? Talk to us about a buyout. Pro Soccer? (sorry, Fütbol) we're trying something new. And awesome.

Long story short, we love you, this town and the time we get to spend together. Thank you for supporting us, and for your patience. Come lift a pint with us as we toast the invaluable folks who are getting us through this, the lovely people we lost and better times ahead.



  • Is it safe to visit?

    • Yes. We've taken the following measures to ensure that your visit is both safe and streamlined:​

      • Designated entrances and exits​ for restaurant access and ordering

      • Food is boxed up automatically our pager system ensures that you get your food fresh from the folks who prepared it

      • Staff is masked-up and are following an increased sanitization regiment

      • Frequently touched surfaces are sanitized every 30 minutes. Tables, after each guest

      • Staff is temperature screened periodically throughout their shift. Protocols in place for those who feel unwell before, during and after their time serving

      • We aren't exceeding capacity that precludes social distancing. In fact, we're planning to expand our patio. 

      • Service items (plates, cups, bottles, etc) are disposable and guests are asked to toss'em out themselves. This protects you and our staff. It also makes you a good person. (Props!)

      • Hand sanitizer: literally everywhere

  • What's your capacity?

    • Tricky. We have seating for small and large groups, but once every (distanced) table is occupied, we're 'at capacity.'​ We do now have some indoor seating available.

  • Do you take reservations?

    • Presently, no. Like the traditional biergargen model, we're first-come, first-serve. Feel free to call the house phone 518.393.2337 to check out our capacity.

  • Do I need a mask?​

    • Yup. Masks must be worn when ordering or roaming about the patio, but may be removed at your table with your group. We're actively enforcing this. (It's genuinely a legal thing, and thanks for being cool about this.)​

  • Can I bring my dog like before?​

    • Service animals, of course. Others? Unfortunately the state says no. As soon as this restriction lifts, we'll revise the policy. (sorry Max)​

  • Where's the Live Music you're known for?​

    • We're currently featuring live music on Friday and Saturday Nights at 7pm

  • Why is your menu different?​

    • It's part staffing and ​part quality. While we're working hard to bring the favorites back, we're focusing on fast quality food. If we can make it exceptional, it's already on the menu.

  • Are you serving me stale/expired beer?​

    • We're not monsters. Geez. Everything on tap is fresh and delicious.​

  • I've been ordering take-out/delivery. Will that service continue?​

    • Yup.​

  • What makes you different than all the other places in town?​

    • So many things​

      • Craft beer lineup on 32 draught lines and a selection of craft cans

      • We strive to do a few things really well instead of everything mediocre

      • We have the largest outdoor seating area (biergarten/patio) in town

      • We take the safety of you and our staff very seriously. Not that others don't, but we want everyone to be comfortable and safe.

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