Safe & Sound.

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You Come First

You Probably won't read all of this, but it'll likely answer your questions if you're curious.

Covid-19 is still a part of our life, and there are state guidelines that every restaurant is given. WE TAKE THESE SERIOUSLY. We've carefully reviewed and applied these guidelines, because it's the right thing to do and we care about the safety of you and our staff. And we know, there are lots of feelings both ways about things like masks and distancing, (and after spending entire shifts in facemarks, we totally get it.) but we don't want the months of quarantine to repeat themselves. We could pack the place out, forget safeguards and rake in money while putting everyone at risk, but that wouldn't be cool (or legal, or safe.) Here's Just some of the ways we're keeping you safe.


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Active Air Filtration

Several HEPA H-13 systems strategically placed filter the air of dust and potential infectious particles in dining areas every few minutes

Additional Space

Using our additional indoor space, we can accommodate over 150 guests safely distanced.

Distancing Markers

Distancing Markers: Placed every 6 feet, guests know how far apart to stand

Touchless Menus

Touchless Menus: Food and drinks, not only can you use your own device to view photos of our menu, but you can see our current specials

Hand Sanitizer Abounds

Hand sanitizer throughout the restaurant, and on every table

UVC Blasting

UVC Blasting Nightly, our seating and service areas are automatically exposed to virus-killing UVC light for 2 hours

Safe Bar Seating

Safe Bar Seating: Plexiglass dividers placed between parties help shield guests from particulates

Isolated Booths

Isolated Booths: Seating at booths is now isolated from adjoining tables with plexiglass shields

Heated Patio

Heated Patio Outdoor ventilation helps reduce overall risk - so we're heating up outdoor seating for chilly weather

Fire Pits

Fire Pits: They're great for heat, conversation and keeping people outside even when it's a little chilly

Insulated Doors

Insulated Doors: Strip curtains keep it toasty inside, provides fresh air, but allows easy access to the outdoors


Our Staff: Always masked, always reminding guests to be safe.

Audio Announcements

Audio Announcements When needed, announcements are played aloud to guests to remind them of masking & distancing.

Reduced Capacity

Restroom capacity reduced to avoid exposure

Kitchen Pickup

Kitchen Pickup Without a waitstaff, food comes out the moment it's done, and the guest gets a page to pick it up

Traffic Restrictions

Reducing cross-traffic helps avoid person-person exposure


Signage: Light hearted, but serious. Reminders throughout for guests to mask-up when away from their table

Bar Heater

Outdoor Heaters: Even at our outdoor bar, overhead heaters keep you toasty on a chilly evening


It won't trend on twitter, but Stand-up, Mask-up is our mantra

Digital Signage

Digital Signage: In addition to displaying specials, all in-house signage displays CDC reminders