Fireside Dining & Reservations
By Popular Demand, Reservations are now available.
  • Reservations are available in 2-hour timeslots: 6p and 8:30p Thursday-Saturday
  • Limit one reservation per guest, per day.*
  • Please see a staff member upon arrival to access your reservation. We may ask for a photo ID for confirmation
  • To help keep food and drinks prices low, we do not have a waitstaff. Please order from the bar at any available order station. 
  • $50 pre-payed. Reservations are only available through Calendly
  • Comes with 3 brick oven pizzas. (a $45 value) No substitutions please.
  • 10 Person max. (8 is comfortable!)
  • Live music may accompany your outdoor dining experience
  • If another reservation follows yours, your party will be invited to relocate to another table.
  • Multiple firepits are available and pre-assigned to your reservation. We cannot guarantee placement at an exact table.
  • Cancelations are generally unavailable. Changes can be requested by calling us.
  • Cancellation & Refunds may occur due to incliment weather (excluding high / low temperature) or at our discretion without notice. If a cancellation occurs due to one individual booking multiple tables on the same day, no refund will be given.
  • If we need to change a reservation, attempts will be made to directly contact the individual who made the reservation 
  • Equipment failure, though not anticipated, will result in a refund or in-kind resolution
  • Covid precautions are still expected
These terms are subject to
change without notice.